Rubans is reinventing Indian fashion jewellery one collection at a time


Rubans, one of India’s fastest-growing fashion jewelry brands, has unveiled another beautifully crafted collection devoted entirely to the celebration and blending of colours and intricate oxidized jewelry.

Boasting a wide range of unique pieces, handcrafted by highly skilled jewellery artisans from Rajasthan. Each piece is crafted using an elegant blend of oxidized metal paired brilliantly with vibrant colours and embellished stones. The exclusive handcrafted pieces are the epitome of ingenious craftsmanship, designed for women who want to add a dash of colour and an abundance of style to their outfits.

Oxidised jewellery is known to be extremely versatile and can be worn on various occasions ranging from weddings and festivals to small parties and get-togethers. A harmonious blend of heritage designs, wonderful craftsmanship, and uplifting colours, makes pieces from this collection the perfect choice for the quickly approaching wedding season this summer to wear for yourself, or to gift to another.

While conversing about the new collection Chinu Kala, Founder, Rubans shared a few sneak peaks into her thought process behind the concept and objective behind the collection: “My team and I had a lot of fun, and encountered several challenges while attempting to put this idea together. Playfulness is etched into the heart and soul of this collection, with an extensive range of various colour palettes to choose from, we have attempted to elegantly weave positive emotions into each and every piece. These colourful statement pieces are meant to enhance the overall look of an outfit, but more importantly; brighten the mood of the wearer and viewer.
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