The Easiest Ways to Remove Stalkerware From Your Phone


There are a number of things you may notice if you have stalkerware on your 📱, including a quickly draining battery, overheating, a change in your location settings, and unusual notifications.

There are 3 main ways through which you can remove stalkerware from your 📱.

✅ Conduct a factory reset of your device. Of course, if you do this, it’s important to first back up all important data on your 📱: your videos, contacts, photos, etc. The only issue with this is potentially backing up the stalkerware too. If you can, try to isolate the stalkerware (in the case of spy apps, for instance) and only back up essential information, i.e. photos and contacts❗️

✅ Update your operating system.

✅ Use a spyware detection removal app.

Remove stalkerware ASAP!

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